Does your website need some help? Is it old and outdated? Hard to read on a mobile device?

We are offering the first 25 small business owners or managers a free, customized website video review on how your business website currently performs.  We’ll provide you with recommendations about what you can do to turn your website into a lead generating machine!

Your website should function as an extension of your sales team.  A website shouldn’t just be a paper brochure transferred to digital, it should generate sales and leads and make money. Let us help you by giving your company a limited time, free, 10 minute video website review. This is not an automated SEO report, it’s a comprehensive review of your website by one of our web professionals. We’ll tell you how to fix it and start generating leads and sales online right away.  There’s no obligation, and this review is regularly priced at $99 so act now before we reach 25!



Our website review is a screencast video evaluation by one of our web professionals. Your evaluator will take you through your website and explain the good areas and identify areas that can be improved. Our goal is to show you how you can get more leads or sales on your website.
Any small business owner or manager is eligible for this special promotion. You must be an owner or manager of the website you are asking us to review, which we verify by receiving an email from you at the website's domain name. If you do not have email at the website's domain name, ask us for other ways to verify your affiliation with the company.
Yes! For a limited time we are offering this service free to the first 25 respondents from our social media promotions.
We strive to turn around all reviews in 2-3 business days but please allow us a little extra time if we get really busy.
We'll post your free website review with audio online so you can simply bring up the website link and view it on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. You can share the link with anyone else at your company too, of course.
Skyhound Internet is a digital agency in Southern California building websites and providing marketing services for businesses since 1998. One of our web professionals will review your site and provide their multiple years of expert experience and advice to you at no charge. You can read more about Skyhound here.
Yes, we certainly can. If you'd like to request help with your website you can call us at 562-308-1483 or email us at You can also submit a message to us online. We'd be happy to provide you with an estimate to turn your website into a lead generating machine!


*Skyhound will create website reviews at no charge for the first 25 respondents.   You must be the owner or manager of the website you are requesting the review on.  To verify this, you’ll need to reply to an email with an email address from the domain name you are asking to be reviewed.  We can also verify accounts through WHOIS if required.  Limit 1 review per client/customer.  Not all website reviews will feature the same criteria, and we reserve the right to limit the number of pages we review or the length of the review. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE REVIEWS ON ADULT SITES, SITES OFFERING ILLEGAL OR INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT, OR SITES PROMOTING HATE SPEECH OF ANY KIND.