Web Development 101 with Skyhound Internet

Essentially, web development refers to all activities and tasks regarding creating, updating, and maintaining a website. Web development has greatly evolved since the early 2000’s. Startups, organizations, and corporations have websites that showcase their mission, services, and projects.

Trying to learn how to create a website isn’t easy. It takes a lot of planning,  skills, and problem-solving abilities to craft a stunning website that can bring a client results.  Skyhound is committed to offering our expertise to your company so that you can grow your online presence. 

At Skyhound Internet, we create stellar websites that meet the challenge of your business or industry. We believe that your website is important in establishing a great first impression to your prospective customers. We strive to create websites that don’t just look great, they perform. Because it’s all about results.   Since 1998, Skyhound has been leading in California’s web development space, while also building a great reputation nationally.

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Skyhound participates in case studies through Clutch.  Clutch is highly respected within the B2B space for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with service providers that fit their needs.

An analyst from Clutch personally interviewed a Skyhound client, the IT director of a Los Angeles based acting organization. The review was published in September of last year and it discusses the custom website project in detail. 


Our team incorporated several features that helped the client boost their productivity and improve their operation’s efficiency. The project allowed the client to focus on their business by streamlining their busy work into web based features their customers loved. 

When the Clutch analyst asked what was the most impressive aspect of the Skyhound team the client responded:

“I would say their responsiveness is their most impressive trait. They stay on top of things and get back to you extremely quickly. Our deadlines have always been met, and they’ve been great about explaining things to us as well.” 

— IT Director, Acting Organization

You’ll find similar comments from the wealth of other reviews and case studies on Clutch.  Skyhound Internet strives to deliver the best website projects to help our clients achieve success. We can’t wait to add additional reviews from our past and current client base. If you’ve worked with Skyhound Internet, we’d love to have your review featured on our Clutch profile.

Los Angeles’ Best

Aside from our reviews from Clutch, we also have other ways to show how effective we are as a service provider. Just recently, Skyhound Internet was recognized by the Manifest as one of the top 70 WordPress development companies in Los Angeles.

The Manifest is a B2B news website that aims to provide comprehensive business wisdom through their agency shortlists, how-to-guides, and data-driven content.

The Manifest’s recognition means a lot to us. We are thankful to the platform for highlighting our work and our projects. Our team is grateful for both Clutch and The Manifest in helping spread the word of our dedication to quality and responsiveness to our clients. 

Want to bring your dream website to a reality? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.