Skyhound at CES 2017

Having always been a “geek” or “nerd” (is at least one of those complimentary in 2017?) I find it important to keep up with the latest technology. Not only is there a section at CES for the latest in E-commerce and digital media (that helps me justify the business expense), it’s a great networking event, and an all around tech overload. This year, 175,000 people attended the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show held (all over) Las Vegas, NV at the beginning of the year.

When receiving my badge which allows you entry to the show, this year I was given a little ‘flag’ to attach to it. “5+ Years” it said. I’ve been attending a long time, I thought. Proud of my 5+ flag, I wore it proudly until I ran into a gentleman who’s flag said “40+ years”. WOW! Sure, he was an older gentleman, but the CES show has only been around for 50 years, so he’s a true veteran.

As I gazed upon all the new technology from self driving vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, self balancing motorcycles, OLED televisions as thin as hanging wallpaper, I thought…I wonder what CES was like 40 years ago? Manual typewriters? Reel to reel recorders? That gentleman had truly lived through a technology boom.

Thanks to the various clients and prospective clients who I met up with for a great CES this year.

Here’s some of the more interesting or unique things I observed at CES 2017.

Will you be allowing a robot assistant in charge of your home?  The future is here, today.

The Delphi booth was showing off this Lincoln MXZ autonomous vehicle on their test track.  The demo showed how the car reacts to a construction sign.

I’m embarrassed talking to these things. Let’s hope they don’t really become the office of the future. I’d rather just laugh at them on Modern Family or the Big Bang Theory.