Construction Company Conundrum: Skyhound Internet launches new website for Saputo Construction

NOVEMBER 13, 2017. Saputo Construction in Buena Park was like many other construction companies on the web today. They originally built their website with GoDaddy’s website builder which allowed them to create a simple site inexpensively. The problem was the site wasn’t bringing in new clients and it was getting old and outdated.

Saputo contracted with Skyhound Internet to update their website’s look, increase conversions, and have a mobile friendly website that looks great on smartphones. Now that almost 60% of Google searches occur on smartphones, it was a wise choice.

The designers at Skyhound came up with a one-page parallax website format for Saputo and they were on board right away with the bold new look. The website offers full company information including their impeccable 35 year safety record, as well as an extensive visual portfolio with powerful images of their many services as an industrial contractor.

To help increase lead generation, Skyhound is prominently displaying the firm’s phone number in the top right. “A website lead is great, but a human-to-human phone call can’t be beat” says Tom Hanberg, CEO at Skyhound. Additional Contact options clearly displayed in green point to a lead generating form, and an eye-catching opt-in e-mail form collects e-mail addresses 24/7.

“Collecting leads from your website is something often times overlooked by businesses. We recommend e-mailing your customers monthly to keep your business name front and center in their minds for when they need your services,” Hanberg says.

In addition to the website creation, Skyhound is also helping Saputo to preserve and strengthen their SEO rankings with Google in their local area. To round out their new media services, Skyhound is also creating a new tri-fold brochure for Saputo which matches the look and feel of their website for a coordinated media approach.

Skyhound Internet specializes in custom website design, building on over 19 years’ experience in digital media and website development and is headquartered in Orange County, CA.

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