Skyhound Completes New Client Website for the Long Beach Business Journal

We love repeat clients.  Loyal companies that continue to use the services of Skyhound Internet over the years are truly the ultimate compliment.

Back in 2003 Skyhound created our first website for the Long Beach Business Journal, a biweekly newsmagazine serving the Long Beach area.  Through the years the business journal has remained a client of ours for web hosting and design services, but around 2014 they were lured over to a “free website” platform called Wix.

When discussions about bringing back our team came to fruition the end of 2018, we once again were reminded of the limitations that free website builders impose on clients.   The Business Journal had outgrown what their current website was offering.

“Limited free and low cost web builders often look attractive to clients at first, but once implemented, these cookie-cutter solutions really limit your potential,” says Tom Hanberg, CEO of Skyhound Internet.  “These companies have limiting features you’d never expect, such as how many searches can be performed on your site on a monthly basis.”

The Belmont Pier in Long Beach, California was used as a mobile menu background.

Skyhound was very pleased to update the look and functionality of the popular business journal publication. “They were committed to bringing our ideas to life,” Samantha Mehlinger, Editor of the Journal explained.  “They provided their feedback and made recommendations, but they didn’t push us for a design that was different from what we wanted.”

The website offers a look at the top stories and includes their popular features like Millennial Pulse and Portside, a feature devoted to the port of Long Beach. The mobile friendly website recently launched and not only features news stories and social media tie-ins, but is also being used as a platform to launch the business journals new Podcast feature.


“Preserving past editions and archives of previous business journal articles was a big part of our task,” recalls Hanberg.  “There was a lot of good reporting we wanted to still make available.”  The website has archives going back to 2015 and uses powerful keyword searching technology for easy recall of past articles.  In addition, the new site has no limitations on searches found on their old site or by free website builders.

Google indexing was also improved over their previous platform, and the Journal is on their way to better search positioning.  “The new website looks more attractive and professional than our old site.  All the feedback has been very positive,” says Mehlinger.

Check out the Long Beach Business Journal online at

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