Skyhound Internet COVID-19 Statement

We wanted to reach out to our clients and let them know that we hope everyone is safe and healthy during the Corona virus outbreak not only in the USA, but around the world.  While we believe in keeping the economy going, our number one priority is the safety of our employees, contractors and the public.

Please see our video statement from Tom Hanberg on the current public health crisis.

Skyhound Internet COVID-19 Statement from Tom Hanberg on Vimeo.

Text of statement:

Hi it’s Tom with Skyhound Internet. I wanted to reach out to our clients and colleagues and friends in wish them good health and safety during this public health crisis.   To our clients, I just wanted you to know we’ve now transitioned over to a full work from home situation, so our team is here and ready to work.

Now none of us knows ho long this COVID-19 situation is going to last, but one thing I do know–we’ll come out stronger on the other side.  I know this just from history and through my own personal faith.  I also want to invite our existing clients or any new businesses looking for website design and development to contact us, to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level.

We’re happy to work with you and setup online meetings and calls to discuss your marketing needs, provide you with estimates and start developing e-commerce or other website development sites.  Now, there are some perks from working from home.  I get to spend more time with these guys.

Give us a call at 562-308-1483 or visit us online at

Thank you, and be safe out there.