You’ve been likely directed to this link because you are looking to setup your own payment processing online through your own merchant account.

While Skyhound can work with many different merchant accounts (as long as it’s an online merchant account), there are certain merchant accounts and payment gateways that increase the setup and configuration time of your shopping cart or online payment options.

For this reason, we have selected as a strategic partner to be used as our recommended transaction gateway and affiliated merchant account. supplies both the necessary transaction gateway and the merchant account access needed to perform online transactions. We’ve used their services for years, and our developers are very familiar with the coding requirements on their accounts.  Their rates are also very competitive.  This all boils down to decreasing the cost of your project.

You can sign up for a merchant account and transaction gateway by clicking on the logo below. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your Skyhound representative.